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The Soul of Modern Skin Co.

Modern Skin Co. is boldly re-defining the world of natural skin care. Founded by Lauralynn Baxter, our skin care is a fusion of powerful, all-natural ingredients and the efficacy of science; we do not simply treat the skin, but transform it.

Lauralynn is bold and sophisticated much like the Modern Skin Co. woman. She is passionate about healthy skin, and helping women achieve beautiful skin lays at the heart of Modern Skin Co.'s mission.

Lauralynn's decade of experience in skin care and knowledge of natural ingredients continue to drive Modern Skin Co. to produce natural-based, multi-functional and luxurious products.

Our debut product, Advanced Repair + is available exclusively at

Lauralynn Baxter

Lauralynn Baxter, Founder

Modern Skin Co. embodies the style and philosophy of its founder Lauralynn Baxter. She has worked for some of the most prestigious luxury skin care companies in the world. Lauralynn’s passion for luxury is evident in the products she provides for her customers.

Lauralynn made a personal decision to transition to a more natural-based beauty routine a few years ago, but was very disappointed by the lack of results she experienced.

Leveraging her extensive knowledge of the skin and natural ingredients, she knew these products were not able to penetrate the skin and cause real change.

She was frustrated by claims that were not backed by science.

She was disheartened that women were purchasing over-priced skin care products that didn’t work.

She was discouraged by natural skin care products that failed to take advantage of scientific progress.

She decided to do something about it.

Lauralynn created Modern Skin Co. to provide women natural-based products that strike a perfect balance between science and nature.

Lauralynn is truly passionate about beautiful skin, and delivers a product that embodies luxury and efficacy. Her product creates radiant and healthy skin for the modern woman.

The Modern Skin Co. Woman

The Modern Skin Co. woman is just that! Modern. This means she leads an extremely busy and fulfilling life. She does not want a 10-step skin care routine. She wants natural-based products, but she wants them to work.

Being extremely ingredient savvy, the Modern Skin Co. woman knows her way around an ingredient label and does not accept toxic ingredients.

She is chic and sophisticated and wants products that provide a truly luxurious experience; from velvety textures to intoxicating yet delicate scents.

The Modern Skin Co. woman is many things, but above all, she dedicates herself to living a healthy lifestyle in every respect. She inspires us to boldly embrace natural beauty.

Fusion of Science and Nature

Natural ingredients paired with scientifically proven delivery systems provide truly visible results.

Multi-functional and Targeted Approach

Formulated to address numerous skin care concerns in a single product.

Innovation & Craftsmanship

Created in a state-of-the-art natural cosmetics facility by experts in natural skin care formulating.

Luxurious Features

Developed with all senses in mind to create a luxury and sensorial experience.